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fit for Yanmar 4KDL / 6KF
【CATEGORY】: fit for Yanmar

Model: Yanmar 4KDL / 6KF Diesel Type: Marine Diesel engine Diameter: 145mm Dimention: 4mm*4mm*4mm*6mm*6mm


1. Piston Ring Fit for Yanmar

    4KDL 6KF, S165,6RAL-HT,M200L,6MAL-HT,6U-UT,6MAL-MT,T220L-UT,6ZL-DT,N330,etc.


2. Piston Ring Joint Types   

3.Production Process


4.Marking and Packing


5.Piston Ring Application



Custom piston ring can supply if you offer drawing or sample to us. We will produce piston ring exact the same with your sample.


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